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Field Notes Productions | Advancing Environmental Journalism in the 21st Century

Field Notes

Environmental Journalism needs a change of course.

Right now, the overall health of the environment around the world is failing. Humans are using 50% of the world’s freshwater supply. We consume more than 40% of the world’s plant growth. We’re liquidating both plants and animals as much as one hundred times faster than the natural rate of extinction.

It’s a frightening reality.

Yet journalism today does little to cover these issues, and less still to uncover solutions.

Instead, much of the environmental coverage that is aired is done in the fashion of political reporting – who’s winning and who’s losing. Or else it’s responding to the latest crisis.

In other words, much heat, but little light.

But there are stories of hope and promise to be told, and successful solutions for many of the problems we currently face.

So a change of course is in order.