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9 Lives

Whether it’s in a marriage or while traveling, good communication is always important. And language barriers often make for poor communication. Examples of what can happen are found seemingly daily on the internet. Remember the story about how the Chevy Nova didn’t sell well in Latin America because “no va” means ‘it doesn’t go’ in […]

15 Oct, 2011 Willman

I’ve Just Got To Get a Letter to You

Some time ago Beth sent us three letters – a father’s day card, a birthday card for Adam and a fun card for Elana. While two cards arrived about three weeks later, Adam’s birthday card never made it. That seems about right – at least one third of the mail here seems to get lost […]

30 Sep, 2011 Willman

Up From the Streets – Part 7

While living in Indonesia, I was always surprised to find something that seems so out of place in a predominantly Muslim country. So imagine my surprise to see a somewhat risque T-Shirt on a guy riding the train somewhere on Java. I couldn’t get a picture, but here’s what it said:   “Your boyfriend is […]

16 Sep, 2011 Willman