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9 Lives

Whether it’s in a marriage or while traveling, good c

15 Oct 11 Willman

I’ve Just Got To Get a Letter to You

Some time ago Beth sent us three letters – a father

30 Sep 11 Willman

Up From the Streets – Part 7

While living in Indonesia, I was always surprised to fi

16 Sep 11 Willman

Potty Humor

  One of the reasons many people are uncomfortable

31 Aug 11 Willman

Under Construction

It went up in less than a week. Bandung is a city where

19 Aug 11 Willman

Well Hung

It’s been fun exploring new foods while in Indone

02 Aug 11 Willman

Laws are for Wimps

It was the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsc

23 Jul 11 Willman

Strength in Undergarments

We were in Jakarta recently visiting a few museums. Whi

14 Jul 11 Willman

Heard It on the Radio – Part 2

It’s an interesting promotional statement for a r

04 Jul 11 Willman

Snakes on the Plains

It started off innocently enough. We were visiting a th

26 Jun 11 Willman


I’m an old guy. I remember the first commercially suc

22 Jun 11 Willman


Graffiti is everywhere, from the subway cars of New Yor

16 Jun 11 Willman

Testing the Senses, and Durian

The first thing you notice as you enter just about any

14 Jun 11 Willman

Heard on TV – Part 2

This part of Southeast Asia loves Korean pop music. Gir

09 Jun 11 Willman

Learning a Language

I’m terrible with languages. Research has shown that

03 Jun 11 Willman

That’s Using Your…

  As the saying goes, there’s always more th

29 May 11 Willman

In the Heat of the Night

It’s the dry season in Bandung – you can tell by th

25 May 11 Willman

Heard on TV – Part 1

Advertising for new Hawaii Five-O episodes, broadcast o

17 May 11 Willman

Challenging Comfort Zones

One of the great things about living overseas is that y

12 May 11 Willman

Name in Lights

I had my name up in lights today. I’ve been fortunate

03 May 11 Willman

Ujung Kulon

Our Krakatau trip took us close to Ujung Kulon, a natio

03 May 11 Willman

Father of Biogeography

Krakatau is famous among island biogeographers. These a

27 Apr 11 Willman

A Victory for Technology

Some know it as the sound heard round the world. Author

24 Apr 11 Willman

Reaching Krakatau

The hotel where we stayed in Carita (pronounced cha-REE

22 Apr 11 Willman

Family Reunion

My cousin came to visit this month. Like lots of extend

21 Apr 11 Willman

The Sounds of Silence

It’s 6:30 on Saturday morning, a day for much-needed

16 Apr 11 Willman

Up From the Streets – Part 6

Poorly translated signs are generally always fun. They

11 Apr 11 Willman

I Know It’s Only Rock and Roll…

It’s tough for me to take trips because I don’t hav

04 Apr 11 Willman

The Other White Meat

One of the great things about living overseas is the op

24 Mar 11 Willman

The Day The Earth Shook

We love the kids’ school. Among other things, even th

14 Mar 11 Willman

Up From the Streets – Part 5

Before Bluetooth headsets, crafty entrepreneurs in the

04 Mar 11 Willman

Driving Hazard

I wish I had been quicker with the camera. I was in Mal

25 Feb 11 Willman

Something’s Bugging Me

The statistics are enough to take your breath away, if

11 Feb 11 Willman

Up From the Streets – Part 4

This was found recently in the kid’s section of o

01 Feb 11 Willman

Cartoon Invasion

Bandung is known for many things – good food, great m

21 Jan 11 Willman

Bandung – The City

Bandung was once called “Paris on Java,” primarily

07 Jan 11 Willman

Up from the Streets – Part 3

Another great business. It seems the t-shirt companies

30 Dec 10 Willman

Heard it on the Radio – Part 1

Say what you will about commercial radio in the United

21 Dec 10 Willman

Movie Reviews

We love reading the reviews, or blurbs, they place on t

17 Dec 10 Willman

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Piracy is alive and well in Indonesia. Not the sort of

12 Dec 10 Willman

Heard on the Television – Part 1

Bad TV writing is not just an invention of the American

08 Dec 10 Willman

Creepy Crawlies – part 2

As part of my Fulbright I’m researching famed British

06 Dec 10 Willman

A Few Words On Stamp Collecting

My childhood was, to say the least, not the best. So in

30 Nov 10 Willman

Ring of Fire

Unless you live in Alaska or along some parts of the we

26 Nov 10 Willman

Creepie Crawlies – Part 1

The ant is an incredibly resilient insect. I know this

19 Nov 10 Willman

Housing – Part 2

Getting to a final decision on a house took us the bett

17 Nov 10 Willman

Housing – Part 1

Moving your family overseas isn’t something to be con

14 Nov 10 Willman

Currency Inflation

I can’t believe it’s just Tuesday, and I’m alread

09 Nov 10 Willman

Good Friends Make Good Neighbors

Everyone should live in a neighborhood like ours. Our h

05 Nov 10 Willman

Up In Smoke

I may have forgotten much of my childhood, but I think

30 Oct 10 Willman

You Need a Small Boy

Many years ago, while traveling around eastern Africa,

11 Oct 10 Willman

A Deep Purple Haze

When I was a kid, my dad smoked. It didn’t seem too u

06 Oct 10 Willman

Up From the Streets – Part 2

One of the best things about traveling overseas is havi

25 Sep 10 Willman

Now for the Hard Part

The timing for the start of our adventure couldn’t ha

21 Sep 10 Willman

Up From the Streets – Part 1

A real business in downtown Bandung. They even have a w

19 Sep 10 Willman

Out Exploring

I think Washington D.C. is one of the most livable citi

14 Sep 10 Willman

Sleepless Nights

We left the U.S. on September 4th, and after 35-hours s

11 Sep 10 Willman


Well, here we are in Indonesia. Finally. Getting here w

08 Sep 10 Willman

The Grant

Early in 2010, I learned that I had been awarded a Seni

04 Sep 10 Willman

Willman Bio

A national award-winning correspondent and editor for m

01 Sep 10 Willman