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Potty Humor

31 Aug 11
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One of the reasons many people are uncomfortable with overseas travel is a fear of the unknown. Unusual customs, unfamiliar foods – there are so many potential challenges.

Perhaps one of the biggest of those challenges for some is what is called the squat toilet. The squat toilet has many names. Arabic toilet, Japanese, Muslim, Korean and more. Whatever you call it though, it’s not much more than a hole in the ground.

For those of us accustomed to a western toilet, it takes a little practice to use a squat toilet, but they are not as tricky as they might seem.

Just as in America, public toilets can become filthy when not used properly. Often signs are placed asking patrons to be careful. But none were as much fun as a series of signs we found while visiting a wildlife refuge in Malaysia.

I tried to think of clever ways to introduce these signs, but let’s face it – no explanation is needed.

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