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What can a journalist bring to your next conference or keynote? Laughter, engagement, and most of all a deep knowledge of how the media can affect democracy and the natural world around us, all told with a master broadcaster’s skill at storytelling.

Drawing on his many years of experience working with National Public Radio, CBS and CNN, Dale brings truth to your audience from the front lines of journalism.


“Dale understands the realities of the journalism business yet hasn’t lost his passion for storytelling. I consider Dale to be one of a handful of broadcast reporters who truly understand environmental issues inside and out, and who use their knowledge for the greater good.” Dan Fagin, associate professor of journalism, New York University

A Fulbright Scholar, Murrow Award-winning broadcaster and international trainer, Dale Willman has been a journalist and teacher for more than 35 years. He has won honors for his work as an editor, reporter and news anchor. Comfortable before a microphone and a crowd, Dale brings intelligence, humor and passion to his presentations.


“Dale, your presentation was refreshing and inspiring.” Sally Morehead, participant, NERRS National Conference, 2008

“Dale’s experience in broadcast and environmental journalism, coupled with his own passion and sincerity for environmental issues, makes him an altogether inspiring and compelling speaker.” Alice E. Levine, Ecological Society of America National Conference

During his more than 35 years as a journalist Dale has aired newscasts from London for NPR, covered the Oklahoma City bombing for CBS, and served as field producer for NPR’s coverage of the Columbine school tragedy. He has anchored coverage from two national political conventions for CNN Radio, and reported from several presidential summits. He brings the immense knowledge gained from those experiences to his speaking, providing insightful commentary on today’s rapidly changing media world.


“People end up talking for days about Dale’s presentations every time he speaks at an SEJ conference. He always shines on stage. He’s naturally comfortable in any setting, and comes extremely well-prepared for his speaking engagements.” Jay Letto, Society of environmental Journalists

Dale was awarded a Senior Fulbright Scholar grant for 2010-2011. He conducted research into noted British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and taught in Indonesia.

Curious about Dale’s speaking? You can watch his presentation during the 2010 commencement ceremonies at Antioch University – Seattle, where he was honored as the Distinguished Alumnus. You can also see him speak at a California gathering of scientists here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Sample media topics:

  • Prominence vs. Significance – How the Media Have Failed America
As just about anyone can see, my ears are somewhat prominent, and they become even more so as I grow older. But if they were to fall off my head tomorrow, I would still be able to do all the things I usually do, except perhaps wear my glasses. My lungs, however, are another story. While not prominent – they cannot be seen by any of us – if I were to lose them, I would die. My lungs then are significant. For years, the national news media have focused on the prominent stories, rather than those of significance, and this has cost society dearly. Issues hidden from sight through lack of coverage are now threatening the very existence of humans, while the media write more stories about the Glee summer concert tour and the latest Congressional sex scandal.


  • Take Back Your Media – How local communities can get the media they deserve
Despite the presence of a newspaper, a radio station and perhaps even a TV news outlet, many communities today still feel under-served by the media. There are many reasons for this, from newsroom cutbacks to simple arrogance. But with a little bit of effort, community groups can help to build a stronger media environment that is more representative of the region’s most significant challenges.


  • How A Lack of Climate Coverage Hurts Us All
Despite a clear consensus among climate scientists that the world is changing, and faster than anyone thought possible due to climate change, media stories still speak of controversy and uncertainty. Relying on a false balance in climate coverage, the media have served to confuse the issue for many Americans. This is damaging not only to the environment, but to our hopes of keeping the damage caused by shifting climates to a minimum


  • No News May be Good News, but Why is Good News No News?
  • How the Ruling Class Killed the Liberal Media Myth
  • Podcasting, Facebook and Tweets, Oh My!


Other speaking topics:

  • Life and Times of Alfred Russel Wallace – the man who out-Darwin-ed Darwin
Alfred Russel Wallace, if known at all, is recognized for his theory of natural selection that predated that of Darwin. But his journey toward developing that theory makes for a much better story. During his 8 years collecting in the Malay Archipelago Wallace faced hardship and deprivation that could serve as a plot for a Hollywood thriller. He suffered from all form of maladies. At times his feet were so swollen from insect bites that he spent weeks crawling from his bed to his workshop and to the bathroom. His two major papers written while in the region were most likely drafted while he was suffering from malaria. Wallace’s story of heroism, sacrifice and perseverance can serve as inspiration to us all.


  • From a Distance – How Others View America
Americans have a proud image of their country. It’s one of rugged individualism, a country where anyone can become president, and an exceptional nation that reaches out to other countries in need. Not surprisingly, that’s not always how other countries see us. But we can learn a lot from what other people think of America.


  • Living abroad, and life in Indonesia
Willman captivates audiences with stories from his study in Indonesia during a Fulbright Senior Scholar year abroad



Partial Client List:

  • Antioch University – Seattle
  • Ecological Society of America
  • Skidmore College
  • Bard College
  • New York University
  • Georgetown University School of Law
  • Society of Environmental Journalists
  • Radio-Television News Directors Association
  • U.S. Embassy, Jakarta


“I’ve seen Dale speak many times over the years. He is an insightful, entertaining speaker with a broad understanding of the fields of environment and journalism. He has never failed to captivate the audience. He approaches the field as a gifted radio journalist and an academician who makes tremendous contributions to the field of emerging environmental communicators.” Dr. Robert A. Thomas, Director, Center for Environmental Communication, Loyola University, New Orleans



To reach Dale:

Dale A. Willman

P.O. Box 791

Saratoga Springs, NY  12866


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